Our menu


We suggest you try the new particular tastes of appetizers such as caper salad, caper croquettes, buds of zucchini and artichokes in oil which are made with fresh ingredients produced by us.

The freshest Aegean fish comes straight to your plate from the boat prepared and served for the most gourmet customers. Salted and fried for your ouzo, grilled to enjoy it with your beer or wine and boiled in a delicious fish soup. Sea food such as squid and octopus are never missing along with the delicious spaghetti lobster. The traditional types will be troubled as the choice of any casserole dish is huge and the tastes unique. Classic greek dishes are included such as mousaka and pastichio. Particularly interesting are the olive oil plates that include eggplant ragou, okra, green beans and stuffed tomatoes. You will be enchanted by cock in wine, lamb in lemon and Kleftiko. As far as grilled meat is concerned you can choose from steaks, burgers and escallops.